Press Quotations

This is German POP-ART 2.0
Munich. Glamor and luxury are an integral part of the world of Pop Art artist Heiner Meyer, 64. Galerie Terminus, Munich, shows recent works of the famous artist. Motto: 'Delightful' (until June 28).
(BUNTE, 22, June 2018)

'At the end of the day it will always be a question of preference why you purchase that house or that particular artwork. A property, as well as a painting will brighten up your everyday. You should always find pleasure in the things that you buy. And like everything in life: Deal with passion!' (W.J. Grusdat, Artinvestor 01/2011)

The most successful early sale was achieved by Wilhelm Grusdat of Galerie Terminus with a 1985 abstract painting by Gerhard Richter which went to a German collector living in Tuscany for € 9mio. As Grusdat pointed out, however: 'The deal was set up beforehand, so of course it wasn´t an impulse buy.' (Bettina Krogemann about SWFAF Salzburg August 2009)

„Munich´s Galerie Terminus tripled its take from last year´s edition, aided by the $ 1.1 million sale of Robert Rauschenberg´s 1987 mixed-media-on-metal Jungle Luster to a well-known collector with homes in Boston and Palm Beach.” (Art + Auction / March 2007)

“Wilhelm J. Grusdat is the owner of Galerie Terminus, one of Germany´s most successful art galleries.” (Traveller Gold Edition / January 2006

„Wilhelm J. Grusdat is one of the top ten german gallery owners.”
„After 20 years, the gallery established an important position in the international art market and is among the top-selling galleries in Germany.” (Die Welt / September 2005)

„`I want to have eye contact to say goodbye to a friend and one of the greatest gallery owners, that I know´, says Rauschenberg. Grusdat, 50 years old, tells this almost devoutly…
In fact, there is no story, that shows better the significance of the gallery owner and CEO of the Munich Galerie Terminus in the art market.”
(Münchner Merkur / February 2006)

„When a gallery - like Galerie Terminus in Munich - has an exhibition with ‘Masterworks’ from Stella, it´s an important art event.” (Die Welt / October 2004)