Jan Davidoff | Da draußen

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In our virtual exhibition Da Draussen we present today works of the internationally successful, German artist Jan Davidoff. Since his time as a graduate of the master class with Prof. Günther Förg, Galerie Terminus has promoted the career of the young artist. He became known for his
stencil-like reduced and alienated crowds and landscapes, which he brought back from his travels and transferred to metal plates.

Davidoff is one of those artists who move between abstraction and figuration, combining approaches from German Romanticism with Expressionist woodcut techniques. Starting from photography, he searches for the figurative essence that remains when the subject has been
reduced to its schemes and contours and contrasted with strong colors.

In his new works, he shows dreamlike, exaggerated scenes in which the human being appears only as a hint. Sometimes magical light illuminates the forest of black tree trunks, sometimes withered sunflowers remind us of the beauty in transience, sometimes the delicate pattern of a Gothic rose window is slowly swallowed up by ivy.

If you are interested in the new works of the artist
Jan Davidoff, we will be happy to hear from you!

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