Johannes   Schramm

Johannes Schramm, born 1965 in Munich, completed his studies in fine arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in the class of Prof. Kurt Haug in the year 1997. 

The artist lives and works in Kassel.

'Water is the central theme of my paintings. I started with swimming pool images. Then I turned to buoy motifs presenting water in its natural environment such as rivers and lakes. In my newest setting of lily pads I confine myself solely to the portrayal of nature.
I develop image ideas when looking at the water. Upon closer observation, a complex composition of overlapping layers and visual effects are revealed. Vegetation that floats on the water crosses over with the vegetation that is mirrored in the water. Between flat lying leaves, new shoots break through the surface and uncoil themselves into forms such as sails or shells. Vividly highlighted by the light of the low-lying sun these cast long shadows or are mirrored in the sea. Withered leaves, flawed, coloured yellow and brown are slowly immersed and remind us of autumn leaves on the street. Here, the water is quite calm and still. A flat two-dimensional surface like the canvas on which I recreate the setting.'

Foto: ©Frank Hellwig