Boaz   Vaadia

Boaz Vaadia was born in 1951 in Israel and immigrated to New York in the 70s. Since 1985, Vaadia's sculptures have been identified with the concept, matter, method and the artistic ideas concerning a specific person, a man, a woman, a mother, and a child. His works are made of slate or bluestone slices stacked on top of each other. The bluestone and slate was revealed to him by long observation of urban pavements in Soho. Some of this work was translated into bronze. Vaadia's sculptures remain simply human, democratic, secular, not pretentious and not elevating the person, without constructing classes. The value of his work is measured by the internal serenity, the total devotion to return again and again to the human being which is all shadow and totally anonymous; the invisible person, the non existing, that is blended and supported by nature's open spaces gaining elevation and growing from stone into sculpture.