Mel   Ramos

A profound bow before the beauty of women.
Mel Ramos was born in 1935 in Sacramento, California as Melvin John Ramos. Only for Mel Ramos did beautiful ladies like to lounge on cigars, beside bottles of coke and other huge consumer items. This American artist from the west coast stood for that which Andy Warhol meant for the east coast: The most important representative of Pop Art. His colorful illustrations of Pin-Up-Girls celebrated the beautiful face of advertisement – Always with a wink in the eye and a breeze of Californian sun.

This last co-founder of the Pop-Art movement died unexpectedly of heart failure on the 14th of October 2018 in the Californian Oakland at the age of 83 years. Gallery Terminus is proud and happy to remember the joint exhibitions and genial discussions. We mourn for this exceptional and welcomed personality and for this distinguished artist.

Foto: ©Maria Lamp