Helge   Leiberg

Helge Leiberg was born in 1954 in Dresden.
He studied at the local Academy of Fine Arts under Professor Gerhard Kettner. Since 1978 he works as a freelance artist. In addition to painting and drawing, he produced original graphic artists' books and experimental films. In performances he worked with different dancers, musicians and poets, among others with Christa Wolf in the castle Neuhardenberg.
In 1979 he founded an 'artist's music group' with Michael Freudenberg and A.R. Penck. In 1984 he was expatriated to West Berlin. He received a work and a studio scholarship from the Berlin Senate for Cultural Affairs. In numerous exhibitions at home and abroad Leiberg showed above all painting, but also artist books, drawings and since 1998 bronze sculptures.
The artist lives and works in Berlin.

Foto: ©Sebastian Schobbert